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Partnering with Across The Board will amplify your Wellness Program immediately. We pride ourselves on offering Across The Board services and personalizing each service for every individual in your program! All of our clients get their very own Wellness Admin who works with your wellness team or our Admins can be your wellness team! Our Admins have experience in all areas throughout Health & Wellness.

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"Personalized Wellness allows for a complete wellness program, one that everyone wants to be a part of and can benefit from."

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Many wellness programs are limited and can restrict or even prevent some employees from participating or benefiting 100% from the program. At Across The Board we make sure every employee is able to participate and we customize our approach in a way that allows employees to take control and empower themselves to improve!

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A personalized wellness program can make the difference in success and failure.

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Introducing LEADwell

LEADwell is all about your wellness program being accessible 24/7.Important wellness event coming up soon? Imagine being able to send a push notification to all your employees mobile devices that reminds them of the event! Having trouble running wellness competitions? Not anymore! LEADwell helps track and allows employees real-time tracking on competitions and events. LEADwell is a FREE mobile application for anyone and everyone to use in their wellness programs.

Work. Life. LEADwell. Available in the App Store soon!